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Gardening services Templestowe, Eltham, Donvale and Park Orchards Area. See below for more of our gardening services.

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Garden Design

Working and listening to clients’ needs and wants for their gardens. We have a wide knowledge on the different resources available and are always willing to work with clients and their budgets to create their dream garden / design.

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Make your garden or business have strong curb appeal by allowing us to regularly maintain your grass, plants and garden. We offer seasonal scheduling to help keep on top of your gardens needs

Mowing/Ride On Mowing

Not only does regularly mowing your lawn allow it to look its best, it helps to keep the grass healthy, eliminates some of the pests that may decide to live in your lawn and it removes debris. We have both a push lawn mower and a ride on mower to allow us to help maintain any size grassed area.

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Turf Preparation and Laying

There are three main stages for the process. The first stage is clearing the area for the turf including any weeds, existing grass and debris. The second stage is adding top soil to the area and raking this to create an even level. The final stage is either selecting to lay grass seed or instant turf. We work with a range of different grass types and will be happy to work with your needs and budget. After the lawn has been laid, we will discuss with you the upkeep required.

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Real Estate Work

If you are selling your house and the Real Estate agent has suggested some improvements for the garden to help increase your sale value, give us a call and we will happily discuss a variety of options that work within your budget. Likewise, if you are renting and need some help maintaining the garden of your property we can help with this ongoing or come and do an end of lease garden tidy up.

Plants Irrigation System

The perfect solution to creating a low maintenance garden and can help with saving you time. When irrigation is setup correctly it is ensuring that each plant gets the required amount of water needed to strive in the weather conditions of Melbourne. We can also set these up using automatic timers.

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Initial Garden Cleanup

It is possible for gardens to suddenly become overgrown and need some extra love. We can help to remove overgrown plants, remove big trees, cut long grass and create a blank garden to work with.

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Garden Edging

Landscape edging helps define the garden spaces. There are many styles around that would suit your garden style, which we can help guide you with. The edging also makes it easier to control the irrigation and fertilization in the planting beds by separating it from the rest of the lawn.

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There are many benefits to mulching areas in your garden. Mulch insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from the weather, retains water to help keep the roots moist, keeps weeds out and prevents soil compaction.
Mulch comes in various types and can be both organic and man-made. We have a variety of samples that we can show you to work with your needs and budget all varying in colour, efficiency and cost.

timber staining - Jay's gardening
Fence Painting / Deck Staining

The ideal way to expand the life of your timber fence/or and add some colour to your home. Painting a fence also removes the risk of brushing up against a fence and getting a splinter.

Jay's Gardening Services Planting

We can guide you as to what plants we would recommend for certain areas, taking in your own personal needs / wants or you can show me some images of what exactly you would like and we can source them.
Depending on the plants you select will depend on if we work with developing or established plants, how many you will need of each, how close we can place them, your budget and the type of soil required.

green waste removal
Green Waste Removal

Any trees or plants that we remove from your garden we are happy to take away. Or have you had a big weekend in the garden and your green bin is full? We are happy to come collect the green waste for you.

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Retaining Walls

Would you like to divide your garden into sections? A retaining wall could be the perfect solution for you. We can discuss the different types of retaining walls, purposes and what is required (possibly council permits) with you. We have the skills to be able to build these for you.

Jay's Gardening Services Pruning

Pruning is one of the most important aspects of garden maintenance. It allows plants to grow in a certain way or shape and it removes old steams which allows the plant energy to grow new ones and therefore, stay younger for longer. We can guide you as to when certain plants need pruning due to the seasons and we also have the skills needed to be able to correctly prune fruit trees.

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Weeding and Weed Spraying

This is a very important element of looking after your garden as the weeds compete with your plants for water, nutrients, space and light. By removing weeds allows the plant to fully flourish. We offer the services of manually pulling out weeds or using an organic or non-organic weed spray.

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And More!

We’re more than happy to help with anything in the garden. If the service you were after isn’t listed, chances are we’ll be able to do it. Contact Jay for more information.

For all your gardening needs.